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Dear Friends,


I'm writing to inform you of a significant life transition I have recently embraced. Within our organization, I have adopted a distinctive lifestyle, directing my energy toward delivering messages that could subtly influence our world and shape the course of humanity. This change isn't about stepping away; it's a quiet but purposeful shift toward nurturing the world we all share.

Currently, I have chosen to forego attending public gatherings, whether celebratory or somber. I typically undertake overseas journeys lasting from one to three months each year, which reflect my mission and vision to replenish our precious Earth.

Going forward, a designated representative will handle my engagements concerning our organization's earth-friendly initiatives. My heart, mind, and soul are devoted to delivering crucial messages aimed at crafting constructive solutions that influence the future of humanity, all life forms, and the world we inhabit.

Please note, I will no longer be available for regular meetings and interactions.

My public appearances, especially during joyous or mournful events, will be limited. However, this does not mean I am withdrawing my concern for those who are unwell or emotionally detaching myself from significant occasions. I continue to wish for everyone's good health and assure you that my prayers and meditations extend to those in need of healing.

Should there be a need for significant aid—monetary or otherwise—I remain ready and willing to provide support where possible.

This shift is not an act of distancing from society; it is a commitment to activities focused on Earth's replenishment. I am available ONLY via email and WhatsApp for our Earth replenishment mission correspondence, by text or voice-posted messages.

I am profoundly grateful for your understanding. May God enrich our lives and guide us toward health, wealth, and spiritual well-being, in harmony with the replenishment of our Earth. May our life journey chime with eternity.

God bless,

With Love,


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